Rules of Video Poker explained

What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a thrilling game which is a take off traditional 5 card poker but with more variants now available then can be taken into account.

The video poker machines are available in casino and in Internet casinos also. The only difference is that you have access to several game variants from one single machine when playing via Internet. Also, the power multi-hand video poker games at online casinos are far more fun and it is more interesting to watch then those that would typically be found at land casinos.

Video Poker

Video Poker unlike slots is a kind of game that does require a certain amount of skills and strategy approach which is to be played properly and efficiently. There are also several different variations of Video Poker out there so be sure to read the rules of each game prior to playing.

Rules of video poker

Video poker is a funny and challenging game that you can play in a video capacity. As we mentioned earlier the rules of this game are rather simple and will command your attention. In fact, playing this game is as much of a challenge as playing the real poker with the difference that you are to beat the electronic dealer. Many of such games offer progressive jackpots and there are still some that are non progressive. All of the video poker games that one can see online will be progressive and you are supposed to play against other people all over the world. The odds that you will win might be great and the payouts often are above two hundred thousand dollars in the jackpot. At the same time you may win smaller payouts in order just to keep the interest of the player since a video poker game will allow you to win a hand every two or three rounds.

In order to play this game, you will need to place your bet first. The amount of money you bet may range from five dollars depending on the game and whether it is progressive or not. After bets are placed you will then press the button to draw your cards. You are to take a look at what is happening on the screen and decide if you want extra cards or not and then press the special button to deal or draw the cards until you get the cards that you want.

The winning combinations for this game are listed below so you will need to memorize them when you are playing video poker.

Winning combinations in Video Poker

– Jacks or better – this is considered as a powerful pair. If you get anything less will not win the hand.
– Kings or better-similar to jacks or better. They must comprise of king and aces at least
– Two pair – two sets of pairs with the same value
– Three of a kind-three cards any suit that have the same value, such as three fives
– Four of a kind-just like the three of a kind except that you will have four cards with the same value
– Five of a kind-is a four of a kind with a wildcard
– Straight-five consecutive cards running in consecutive numbers but not the same suit.
– Flush-five non consecutive cards of the same suit, hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.
– Straight flush-five consecutive cards of the same suit
– Royal flush-five consecutive cards of the same suit that will have a ten as the low card and an ace as the high card.
– Wild royal flush- the same as a royal flush but with a wild card thrown into the mix.

Many people believe it is best to discard all of your cards if you have a bad hand, but it is not always like that i.e. possible that once you are good enough to pick out a card or two, that might prove to be a good strategic move or payout in the end. When no other plan seems a sure thing, keeping the best combination while you discard all the other ones is a good strategy.

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