Gambling stages

Stages of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction or obsession with gambling is now nowadays for sure acknowledged as emotional illness.
Many people know the gambling life turns into a painful existence! That means collapsing of everything i.e. the family relationships, job, relationships with loved ones and friends. Virtually impossible for such a person to be alone with himself, since the whole life is flying down with rapid speed down the slope.
How it could be? It was not the point that a man wanted being for the first time in the casino and clicking on the buttons of slot machines or sitting at the card table. Well, very quickly the feeling of courage, happiness and euphoria gave the way to fear, despair and loneliness.

Symptoms pathological gamblers:

1. Absorption, concerns towards playing. The player remembers the previous games and planning the future bets to be done thinking about how to find money for the next game;

2. When he/she is playing experiencing the excitement and raises the spins;

3. Having troubles trying to interrupt the game or efforts to control its course;

4. Anxiety or irritation if there is the need to limit the rate or stop the game;

5. Playing to escape from their problems or raise the mood, or in order to avoid feelings of guilt, anxiety and depression;

6. Attempts to win back the next day after a loss;

7. When a person is cheating a family doctor or physician to conceal the true extent of its involvement in the gambling;

8. Commits sometimes illegal things such as forgery or fraud or even theft or embezzlement to finance gambling;

9. Takes risks because of the passion for the game cause the game risks losing his job, close friends and the possibility of promotion or education;

10. Borrows money from friends or acquaintances and relatives to pay off the debt accumulated due to the game.

Obsessed player usually goes through four stages:

Winning Stage i.e. the game is perceived as a nice entertainment with the dream of winnings the large amounts.

Losing Stage i.e. when he/she plays alone leaving work and taking large loans and unpaid debts.

Stage of despair i.e. a broken record, breaking with family, friends, regret, blame on others and lose job and friends.

Bad Stage i.e. the sense of hopelessness, thoughts of suicide and possible attempts, arrests, alcohol, emotional wreck and symptoms of insanity.

Treating gambling

The main treatment for gambling addiction is a complex individual psychotherapy, which can be successfully carried out not in stationary and ambulatory conditions. The first applies a very important and effective method – the so-called rational psychotherapy, addressed to the mind and based on the explanation and proof. It is this method allows you to restructure irrational thinking gamers, to change his attitude to gambling, and return him the ability to find a reasonable way out of difficult circumstances. To fix the installation on the complete rejection of gambling are applied methods of psychotherapy, based on the suggestion and autosuggestion. Special techniques and medications can adjust the player’s psychological state of the problem and improve its own monitoring of craving.

The visit to the clinic begins with a primary diagnostic and treatment procedure which lasts two hours. It analyzes in detail the reasons physician, led to the formation of gambling addiction, explains what is this relationship and how to get rid of her, sets up the patient to fight the disease, provides the necessary guidance and conducts special psychotherapeutic treatment. After receiving initial treatment craving to gamble noticeably weaker.

Individual treatment sessions made a positive effect develops and fixed. For the treatment of gambling addiction, we use own methods of psychotherapeutic correction, developed in our clinic, and tailor-made drugs. The doctor teaches the patient skills of self-regulation and self-control, conducts family therapy.
Complex treatment can block the playing dominant, to release the patient from the so-called “game of hypnosis, to form his indifference to gamble and to restore the psychological condition.

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